A lot of males have sexual problems. According to some new research, about 40 percent of men have erectile dysfunction, but an actual number of such people is higher, as a lot of males do not want to admit it.

The Section of Endocrinology of the Lahey Hitchcock Medical Center, Burlington, Massachusetts, in its recent research has found out that smoking leads to substantial reduction of the number of spontaneous erections occurring when a man sleeps. Such erections are clear evidences that this man’s blood flow of healthy, as well as his sexual life.

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory belonging to the University of California has accomplished its own research on the influence of smoking on adolescents. It was found out that this habit dramatically influences the semen quality. In other words, heavily smoking adolescents have little chance to have children in future, but they have more chances to have children with genetic disorders because the DNA they get from their parents is damaged.