Erection is one of the most impressive functions of the human body that we can observe on a regular basis and without the aid of devices. While the process itself may look pretty simple and straightforward, it is anything but that. Whether we’re talking about the penis or the clitoris, the process is largely the same and just as complex since it is guided by either the central nervous system or by the autonomic nervous system, depending upon the type of stimulation encountered.

As soon as enough blood has entered the penis, the arteries contract in order to return to the normal flow of blood, thus preventing the blood inside the penis from leaving the area. The same system is used in the case of mechanical stimulation of the penis and in the absence of external stimuli. The entire process is handled by the autonomic nervous system (ANS) with minimal input from the central nervous system. When the stimulation ends, the ANS makes the arteries constrict and forces blood out of the penis.

Although the cerebral cortex is not involved in every type of stimulation that causes erection, it, nevertheless, can put an end to any erection if it judges that the situation requires such action. This is why men and women have to avoid things that can kill the mood and turn them off.

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