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Erection problems

erection problemsAn erection requires very complicated interaction of your blood vessels, brain, nerves, and hormones. If any of these components fails to do his job, the normal process can become a problem. The result of this failure – you cannot get an erection.

Erection problems become more and more common as men age, but the truth is it can affect men at any age, either young and old – at any time in their lives. Physical causes are more common in older men, while psychological causes are more common in younger men.

What is an erection? 

NKUDHow does an erection occur?

According to National Kidney and Urologic Diseases: Erection begins with sensory or mental stimulation, or both. Impulses from the brain and local nerves cause the muscles of the corpora cavernosa to relax, allowing blood to flow in and fill the spaces. The blood creates pressure in the corpora cavernosa, making the penis expand. The tunica albuginea helps trap the blood in the corpora cavernosa, thereby sustaining erection. When muscles in the penis contract to stop the inflow of blood and open outflow channels, erection is reversed.

Erection problems 

More details about erection problems

dangerWhat is an erection problem? Are there different types of erection problems? What causes erection problems?

An erection problem is the inability to get an erection that is firm enough for a man to have intercourse. You may be unable to get an erection at all, or you may lose the erection during intercourse before you are ready. You may even good erection to complete intercourse, but it is not firm enough to satisfy your partner. If the condition persists, the medical term is erectile dysfunction. But this is not always the case. You may experiense temporary problems that can be solved with erection oils. They are designed to help men get an erection.

In the past, erection problems were thought to be “all in the man’s mind.” Men often were given unhelpful advice such as “don’t worry” or “just relax and it will take care of itself.” Today, doctors believe that when the problem does not go away on its own, physical factors are usually the cause.

In most men, erection problems do not affect their sex drive. However, they can seriously affect, damage and even ruin sex life.


Erection problems can seriously affect, damage and ruin sex life.

Erectile dysfunction 

FDAAccording to FDA:

Erectile dysfunction (ED) or male impotence is defined as the inability of a man to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient for mutually satisfactory intercourse with his partner. Erectile dysfunction affects around 30 million men in the US and over 700 million men all over the world.

Who gets erection problems? 

What is the stats about erection problems?

Most men may fail to get an erection at some time in their lives. Alcohol, tiredness, stress or simply not being in the right mood at the right time may all lead to failure to achieve or maintain an erection. The most frequent cause of temporary erection problems is anxiety.

It is quite common for a man to get an erection but not be able to maintain a sufficiently hard penis for sexual intercourse to take place. Surveys have suggested that 50% of men will experience erectile dysfunction and around 7% of men will experience persistent difficulties with erection during the course of their lives. As men get older, the incidence of problems increases, but that should never deter anyone from seeking help.

If possible, you should discuss the situation with your partner. Failing to be open with your partner about your anxieties can exacerbate your problem and make your partner feel excluded or rejected. It is highly beneficial to have your partner’s emotional support and understanding. It may help to have the partner accompany you to see the doctor. But the real treatment can be found in erection oils – they are proven to help men get an erection.

Maintain a healthy life! 

healthyAs a man grows older, the levels of male hormone, testosterone, gradually decline starting at the age of 30 and continue to do so at a staggering rate of 10 percent per decade. Since testosterone is a hormone that helps maintain sex drive, increase sperm volume, pubic and body hair, muscle, and bone, the consequences slowly show as a man ages. Therefore, maintaining a healthy life is maybe one of the more important things all guys should be mindful of.

  • Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. To ensure normal erectile function, you need to keep the continuous flow of blood by taking care of the arteries that supply it. Consume a high fiber diet, low in saturated fats and you can be sure to prevent or reduce the build up of fatty deposits that narrow and clog arteries. Stay away from animal fats, sugar, fried or junk foods.
  • Quit smoking. Smoking constricts blood vessels and leads to a build of plaque in the arteries that supply blood. This results in diminished erectile function and impotence later in life.
  • Avoid liquor and dangerous drugs. Alcohol and narcotics puts you in great risk of impotence or erectile dysfunction.
  • Exercise. Exercising is good for your overall health. Try brisk walking, running, cycling, or swimming for at least 30 minutes a day, three times a week.
  • Take nutritional supplements. Certain vitamins and minerals are good for maintaining general health, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Chromium, Zinc, and L-arginine. While certain herbs such as Ginkgo biloba, Ginseng, Damania, Sarsaparilla, Wild yam, Saw palmetto, Dong quai, Gotu kola, Hydrangea root, and Pygeum, are known to be particularly helpful for weak erections or impotence. Be sure to consult with your doctor first.
  • Stimulate your male organ. Maintain healthy member and prostate circulation by having regular erections and ejaculations. Natural penis exercises not only ensure good circulation but can also aid in enlargement, both in length and girth.

Erection Enhancement 

erection oilFind out how to stop erection problems

One final option that seems to have gained a lot of exposure is erection enhancers. The erection enhancers help to improve a man’s sexual health, function, and performance. Most of these erection enhancers are herbal and all-natural, so they aren’t a habit-forming drug that will hurt you or cover up any health issues. These supplements each have their own measured amounts, blends, and combinations to take. Each product has it’s own ingredients. Some ingredients are the same and some are different.

Erection oils

Erection oils work in 30-60 seconds and let you get an instant erection!

“Get an erection” resources 

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Your erection problems may be putting a strain on your relationship. You may have stopped touching and cuddling your partner, scared that it could lead to sex – and then to disappointment. You may have found it has led to regular arguments. At its worst, erection problems can lead to the breakdown of relationships. So it is vitally important to take care of these problems right now. We can help you!

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