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How to Increase Erection

All men dream of increased erection, but not all of them can really have it. For some men sex is a gruesome thing, because it brings no pleasure. The reason is absence of erection. People who have regular erection, may want to increase erection. They have a chance to enhance it and please their partners even more.

A number of us might not be aware of it, yet there are in fact a few ways to increase erection. You could be amazed by knowing that these methods are quite simple and hassle-free to undertake.

Healthy diet is one these ways of increasing erection. Fats should be avoided, particularly prior to having a sexual intercourse. The reason is that libido and testosterone levels decrease when there is too much body fat. Besides, fat negatively influences the ability of a man to increase erection and to ejaculate.

How to increase erection? One more method of having much better increased erection is to escape immediate ejaculation. Another way of getting an increased erection is choosing the man-on-top positions for sexual intercourse. Such a position stimulates the blood flow to the tip of the organ, thus making a firmer erection possible.

If you’d like to increase erections or just make them tougher, give up smoking. Cigarette smoking in fact can damage your capillaries and tissues of your male organ. When your penis tissues are damaged they become less elastic and stop stretching and growing.

There is one more, very effective, way to increase erections – herbal penis pills. Such pills are harmless for your health, but their effectiveness for man’s erection is widely known. The specialists have already proven that the results of such pills intake are overwhelming. Herbal pills have another positive effect on your organism: your overall blood circulation improves and, as a result, your penis gets thicker and longer.

When men start treatment with herbal penis pills they may not worry about the sexual performance. In addition, high-quality organic penis pills don’t come with any adverse reactions. Therefore, a person is confident that his wellbeing isn’t jeopardized by using the natural penis pills.

But in any case you should consult a specialist before starting any treatment. Only in this case you can be sure that you will do no harm to your organism and enjoy the perfect results. Don’t forget: not all the methods are equally effective. Actually, some of them give no guarantees at all. Please choose herbal pills that are safe for your organism as some of them are not in spite of the fact that they are herbal.

There is a variety of effective herbs that enhance libido and increase testosterone level used in herbal pills, but make sure there is no Yohimbe in the product you choose. Yohimbe is called a stimulating agent, but it is not safe if taken in large amounts. In this case you may experience strong side effects, including increased blood pressure and infarction.

Thus, you have to think about your overall health before making a decision which method to choose. You do not want to deteriorate your health. On the other hand, you are eager to increase erection. Do your homework, make a research and make the right choice suitable only for you.

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  • Unwanted Erection

    My blog is about erection and although I can advise how to get an erection and recommend an erection help, there are situations when a man does not need an erection at all – at still, he has it! I think every man has ever encountered this problem. Here are a couple of photos to prove it:

    Unwanted erections

    Unwanted erections

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  • Trying to Get an Erection

    You were probably too overexcited dating a lady, when you have to put on tight jeans. Then your sexual excitement continued for 1-2 hours. If it so perhaps the erection is not as strong as it was before. Too much tension and nervousness can bring to failure while trying to get an erection. There are some factors that deteriorate the situation and pregnancy hazard for instance.

    How to get an erection? The number of alternatives is great. Use the link above to find the most effective one.

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  • Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

    There are psychological and physiological causes of erectile dysfunction. If it’s physiological, erectile dysfunction may be a sign of many dangerous diseases including diabetes. If the reason is psychological, it means that a person cannot stop thinking of some problems and has troubles, which are so deep that he just can’t start thinking of sex.

    Sometimes erectile dysfunction can be characterized as psychological, if erection is possible under some circumstances, for example, in one’s sleep, or otherwise, if it’s not possible on some occasions only.

    Fortunately it is not difficult to solve this erection problem, you just have to do something. You are not required to undergo surgery or use some other extreme measures. Sometimes you just need to catch on sleep, as lack of sleep is often a cause of erectile dysfunction. It is a common mistake among men to think that they should always be the best in sex. But it is not possible. In some cases one’s body just can’t carry on in its usual way and one has to sleep and relax.

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  • Pubococcygeus Muscle

    The role of the pubococcygeus muscle in the sexual health of men and women has been thoroughly documented over the years. The San Francisco Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality published a study on Kegel Exercises in 1983 which focused on the sexual benefits women can get from exercising their PC muscles, while Jack Morin authored a study called Anal Pleasure and Health in 1981. The bottom line of these studies was the simple fact that well toned pelvic muscles, including the PC muscle, improve erection, sexual control and play a key part in achieving orgasm.

    The PC muscle can be identified by stopping urination mid-flow. Anybody who has ever tried to keep from urinating knows instinctively what muscles to tense in order to close the urethra and prevent the emptying of your bladder. Men can usually identify the PC muscle by tensing the muscles in their pelvic floor until they find the one that makes their penis jump. This is best done with an erect penis, because the movement of the penis is easier to observe. Basically, the muscle is located between the scrotum and the anus.

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  • Erectile Dysfunction

    Everyone has understood by now that herbal pills may help to get an erection before intercourse. It is Hawthorn berry, which guarantees improved blood circulation in the heart area. Moreover, this ingredient has undergone clinical trials sponsored by the German government. The next totally safe component is the cuscuta seed extract, which allows a man to increase the sperm volume. And it also helps to overcome premature ejaculations. The most important factor about these pills is their definite safety. They cause absolutely no side effects. If you take these natural pills you may be sure that your health doesn’t suffer from negative side effects.

    If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you may find your way to overcome it. For example, you might search the websites informing about a man’s health and try out some of the methods. You may also go and buy some kind of enhancement pills for men. Today there are a lot of them on the market.

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  • How to diagnose Erectile Dysfunction

    Erectile dysfunction can be diagnosed in several different ways. One of them is Duplex Ultrasound test. It allows one to measure the blood pressure in the penis and vascular dilatation in it. After that the doctor may offer checking the Penile Nerves Function. This test is done in the following way: the doctor puts on a glove and puts his finger inside the patient’s anus. This allows the doctor to see how the anal sphincter works. At the same time the doctor squeezes the penis head, and it makes the anus contract. The goal of this test is to see the function of the penile nerves. One more test is penile biothesiometry. This test is done by means of electromagnetic vibrations, which show if the nerves in the pelvic area are damaged or not. If they are damaged, the doctor can speak about erectile dysfunction, which means inability to get an erection.

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  • Aging Erection Help

    Sometimes it is difficult to identify whether you have a problem and you need an erection help or it is just a normal condition. You may consider it a problem if you fail to get an erection in a quarter of cases. There was time when it was considered that the reason of the problem lies in the man’s mind. People are likely to recommend to relax, take it easy, not to worry, relax, etc. and the problem will be solved by itself. All these recommendations are useless. If you see that your problem becomes permanent, you should look for the causes in physical factors.

    There is no doubt that the first step should be a visit to your doctor and thorough physical examination, just like in case with any other medical condition you may have. By doing so, you will exclude the following medical conditions: high blood pressure, kidney disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, alcoholism or possible side effects from medications or injury.

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  • Erection and smoking

    A lot of males have sexual problems. According to some new research, about 40 percent of men have erectile dysfunction, but an actual number of such people is higher, as a lot of males do not want to admit it.

    The Section of Endocrinology of the Lahey Hitchcock Medical Center, Burlington, Massachusetts, in its recent research has found out that smoking leads to substantial reduction of the number of spontaneous erections occurring when a man sleeps. Such erections are clear evidences that this man’s blood flow of healthy, as well as his sexual life.

    The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory belonging to the University of California has accomplished its own research on the influence of smoking on adolescents. It was found out that this habit dramatically influences the semen quality. In other words, heavily smoking adolescents have little chance to have children in future, but they have more chances to have children with genetic disorders because the DNA they get from their parents is damaged.

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  • Old age: Erection help

    Old age erectile dysfunction still can be explained by multiple reasons and they are:

  • Tiredness
  • Bad habits such as alcohol and tobacco use
  • Drugs
  • Injuries of brain or spinal-cord
  • Male hypogonadism, which brings to lower level of testosterone
  • PD or Parkinson disease
  • MS (Multiple sclerosis)
  • Liver failure
  • Kidney failure
  • Stroke
  • Radiotherapy (XRT) to the testicles
  • In some cases of bladder surgery or prostate surgery
  • Hypertension
  • Hyperglycemia
  • Arteries hardeningYou should also be very careful with medical preparations you are taking at the moment. In some cases they may not suit your organism and provoke erectile dysfunction. Consult your doctor to find it out and choose different remedy.

    In case you start looking for the way to be cured, you should apply to the doctor together with your partner for the couple to overcome obstacles together and improve the relationship. This is the best way as well to get rid of tension between two people not to worry before sex.

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