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Foods to Help Get an Erection

It is very important what we eat because it affects our sexual life. Therefore when you decide to choose such dishes as potato and steak think about your sexual health and problems they may cause. But some food can make a positive effect too: it can help get an erection, increase desire and stamins. Even the smell of food influences sexual mood.

A cup of coffee

A good cup of coffee gives you a caffeine kick and boosts metabolism that positively influences blood circulation and can also pump the blood to the sexual organs. As a result, it helps you can get an erection and prevent dysfunction.


What else is needed for making the relationship spicier? When you eat curry you can feel the flush of your face, and that happens so thanks to the expansion of blood vessels. Biologically erection is based just on the phenomenon of hydraulics. Penis becomes hard because of liquid (blood) which was forced into blood vessels. That’s why healthy strong heart and blood vessels are necessary to get an erection.

Garden onion

As the foods mentioned above, onions and garlic are also good for blood circulation due to the phytochemical allicin. But don’t forget about their smell which considers to be unsexy. In this case have recourse to peppermint and parsley, they will help to deodorize your mouth.


Red wine supplies you with enough antioxidant phytochemical resveratrol, the substance, which is good to get an erection, as it improves the state of your arteries and enables production of nitrogen oxide. The latter make the blood vessels expand, and so many different prescription drugs work. But those pills only help tiny blood vessels, and resveratrol works on your main arteries too. Be careful not to drink too much – overdrinking is not an erection help.

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  • Erection Help Remedies

    If you suffer from impotence, weak erections or cannot take control of your erections, you may want to try erection help remedies. With such a help, you will stop worrying during the most pleasant moments of your life and will be able to concentrate on new unforgettable sexual experiences. Getting erection help remedies is one of the initial actions you can take if you ask “how to get an erection?

    Most of people consider emails about erection help exercises or male enhancement pills as a spam. However, nowadays there is a great amount of companies that can suggest good products which can help you get more satisfaction from your sexual life. Moreover, you will be much more confident in intimate relationship.

    The Internet has contributed greatly to the spreading of erection help exercises. They are gaining great popularity all over the world as a most inexpensive and easily obtained option to increase penis size and gain more control over sexual performance in general and over the erection in particular.

    The basic thing that should be gained during the erection therapies is the enhancement of blood circulation. When blood circulates better in the penis it gets to the erectile tissue too and motivates it. Therefore the erection follows. According to the specialists the more blood accommodates in penis, the bigger this organ is in any condition, either erected or flaccid.

    Another extremely important goal is to take control of your erection quality by training the PC muscle (or Pubococcygeal muscle). This type of muscle may be stimulated and it’s among the most essential factors that assists us obtain a harder erection. Furthermore, the penis thickness is dependent upon 2 other muscle groups: the Bulbo Cavernous (BC) and Ischio Cavernous (IC). Both of these muscles cover the base of the male organ just like the straps on a radial tire. As with any other voluntary muscle, they also can be exercised to maintain better size and strength. In this case the thickness and rigidity they give to the shaft, when pumped and contracted, will be considerably bigger.

    Effective programs are focused on both exercising the muscle tissues and improving the blood amount maintained inside the sponge-like tissue. It is well worth your effort and time to choose a beneficial technique that may help you accomplish your plans and also have a much more rewarding romantic life.

    Are there any disadvantages of these erection help remedies? This is sad but they exist. It is hard to find the perfect remedy and the same can be said about these techniques. The person is not able to get what he wants within a short timeframe. However, it’s not the only therapy in this sphere. This is where erection help oils can be suitable. Their aim is to let you have a good result within a minute or so. It means that they penetrate the erectile tissue and testicles very quickly.

    95% of helpful components are absorbed directly into the tissue through the skin. Compare this result with the 5-10% absorption of herbal remedies in tablets or capsules.

    Erection help oils are new products on the market but they have already turned out to be the next generation of products that deal with sexual problems. Though such products are announced as oils, a lot of them are water-based. If you are planning to use the product together with condoms, ensure that the item you pick has a water base, since oil based products decrease the performance of latex cover.

    The ingredients can be totally different but many of the products contain natural herbal remedies, amino acids, a number of vitamins and flavoring. The unavoidable helper in sexual excitement is L-Argynine. It is an amino acid which turns into nitric oxide, which is necessary for the men’s orgasms.

    When you have a stronger erection, it usually lasts longer and you have little chance to encounter the unfortunate situation of premature ejaculation.

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  • Ways to Get an Erection

    There are two easiest ways to get an erection. They are really simple and can be done by anyone.

    One strategy for obtaining a tougher penile erection is to consume the right food products. This implies that fat intake needs to be refrained from, particularly prior to having sexual activity. Fats will reduce libido level and testosterone amount. Ejaculation and erection will also be difficult to achieve.

    Immediate ejaculation is also a reason for bad erection, avoid it. Trying sexual positions with a man on top is another good idea. In this case more blood will flow towards sexual organs and it will positively influence the erection.

    You can also make your erection firmer and longer if you give up smoking. Smoking is harmful for blood vessels and tissues of your organ. When damaged, penis tissues cannot stretch and expand easily, therefore penis loses its elasticity.

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  • Trying to Get an Erection

    You were probably too overexcited dating a lady, when you have to put on tight jeans. Then your sexual excitement continued for 1-2 hours. If it so perhaps the erection is not as strong as it was before. Too much tension and nervousness can bring to failure while trying to get an erection. There are some factors that deteriorate the situation and pregnancy hazard for instance.

    How to get an erection? The number of alternatives is great. Use the link above to find the most effective one.

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  • Aging Erection Help

    Sometimes it is difficult to identify whether you have a problem and you need an erection help or it is just a normal condition. You may consider it a problem if you fail to get an erection in a quarter of cases. There was time when it was considered that the reason of the problem lies in the man’s mind. People are likely to recommend to relax, take it easy, not to worry, relax, etc. and the problem will be solved by itself. All these recommendations are useless. If you see that your problem becomes permanent, you should look for the causes in physical factors.

    There is no doubt that the first step should be a visit to your doctor and thorough physical examination, just like in case with any other medical condition you may have. By doing so, you will exclude the following medical conditions: high blood pressure, kidney disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, alcoholism or possible side effects from medications or injury.

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  • Erection and smoking

    A lot of males have sexual problems. According to some new research, about 40 percent of men have erectile dysfunction, but an actual number of such people is higher, as a lot of males do not want to admit it.

    The Section of Endocrinology of the Lahey Hitchcock Medical Center, Burlington, Massachusetts, in its recent research has found out that smoking leads to substantial reduction of the number of spontaneous erections occurring when a man sleeps. Such erections are clear evidences that this man’s blood flow of healthy, as well as his sexual life.

    The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory belonging to the University of California has accomplished its own research on the influence of smoking on adolescents. It was found out that this habit dramatically influences the semen quality. In other words, heavily smoking adolescents have little chance to have children in future, but they have more chances to have children with genetic disorders because the DNA they get from their parents is damaged.

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  • Old age: Erection help

    Old age erectile dysfunction still can be explained by multiple reasons and they are:

  • Tiredness
  • Bad habits such as alcohol and tobacco use
  • Drugs
  • Injuries of brain or spinal-cord
  • Male hypogonadism, which brings to lower level of testosterone
  • PD or Parkinson disease
  • MS (Multiple sclerosis)
  • Liver failure
  • Kidney failure
  • Stroke
  • Radiotherapy (XRT) to the testicles
  • In some cases of bladder surgery or prostate surgery
  • Hypertension
  • Hyperglycemia
  • Arteries hardeningYou should also be very careful with medical preparations you are taking at the moment. In some cases they may not suit your organism and provoke erectile dysfunction. Consult your doctor to find it out and choose different remedy.

    In case you start looking for the way to be cured, you should apply to the doctor together with your partner for the couple to overcome obstacles together and improve the relationship. This is the best way as well to get rid of tension between two people not to worry before sex.

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  • Erection Help FAQ

    What is in topical erection oils?

    Erection oil can consist of different ingredients, depending on manufacturer. It usually includes such components as herbs, amino acids, nutrients and other natural ingredients. It is advisable to find proof of the product’s purity and effectiveness, and details about the delivery of the ingredients through the skin. If there is no sufficient information about transdermal delivery, oil may appear to be ineffective.

    How do topical erection oils compare with Viagra?

    Topical erection oils and Viagra have similar effects. However, there are some differences. First of all, the form of using them differs. You have to apply oils to your genitals. As for Viagra, you have to ingest it. Secondly, the erection help result of using topical erection oil is seen much quicker, it starts working within seconds as it does not go through digestive system. Next, topical erection oils contain only natural ingredients, and delivery of the ingredients through the skin is time-tested. There is no need for prescription if you decide to buy this product. You will not worry about any side effects either. Erection oils do not only bring fast erection help, they are more cost-effective than prescription drugs.

    Are topical erection oils condom-compatible?

    It depends on the product and the type of the condom you use. If you give preference to latex condoms, look for erection oil without mineral oil or petroleum jelly. The best option for you is water based formulas.

    Will it leave a greasy or oily residue?

    Only specific components of the product can give you the answer to this question. You will not have any oily or greasy feeling if you choose water-based erection oils, they absorb almost immediately. Oil based formulas are likely to leave oily residue. Thus, getting to know the product in details will help you find necessary formula.

    Will this oil increase the size of my penis?

    Erection oils increase blood flow to the penis, thus, your erection becomes more powerful, the size of the penis seems bigger. The penis will not grow while you use the product, but it will reach its maximum possible size.

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  • Erection help

    There are a lot of reasons you should use erection oils, such as medical and psychological problems. There are many different erection products on the market. Some to look for are prescription pills, all-natural herbal oils, natural substances that you can use, and vacuum pumps to get that blood flowing to your penis so that you can get an erection help. No matter what erection product you do choose to take, your sexual life will improve your issues.

    Another thing to note is to stop smoking. When you smoke, the blood cannot reach a certain area of the penis instead of flowing through the whole penis and you cannot get an erection. Stopping smoking is one of the best erection help options you can find!

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  • #3 note about Viagra

    One effective way of making sure that a genuine herbal Viagra is being sold in the market is to purchase only from well-known as well as respected drug stores or health stores. If one is planning to purchase these drugs on the internet, the same principle should be adapted as well. There are lots of websites that sell various merchandise online, and this includes sex-enhancement supplements. Try to choose therefore a site that looks and sounds serious in marketing its products. Its presentation layout can usually tell a lot about the service’s level of commitment to its customers. A website that has been recommended by a friend or a relative as a good online company should be given serious consideration. You can find a few reliable selling websites in the How to Get an Erection review.

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