We already know that some foods can help man get an erection. Moreover, special food can treat erection problems or even illnesses!


Oysters are known to boost sexual potency, that is why they have a very good sexy reputation. Being rich in minerals and vitamins, which are good for testosterone, they can help you treat erection problems.


This popular fruit is also very good for your heart and blood circulation because it has a lot of potassium. This mineral helps control your sodium levels and that is necessary for preventing high blood pressure and subsequently helps treat erection problems. In case you don’t eat bananas for some reasons and use much salt, oranges will help you to get enough potassium. Jacket potatoes are also a great source of potassium – their skin is rich in this mineral.


Oily fish provides man’s organism with the omega-3 fatty acids. Due to it blood becomes less viscous, and it is the reason for better blood flow to the necessary parts of a body. So eat more trout, salmon, fresh tunny, mackerel to treat erection problems.


Pork which is rich in B1 vitamin is good for your nervous system. Beans and whole meal bread also contain this vitamin. This all will help you in active sexual life.


Cherries are filled with anthocyanins, unique herb substances that shield walls of your arteries, helping to prevent their clogging. Do not like cherries? All types of berries or fruits like apricots and apples will make your blood vessels clean and smooth.

And remember, though there is a variety of prescription drugs as well as safe male enhancement pills that are helpful in treating erection problems, the first – the most difficult and the most important – step is a healthy diet and proper nutrition. Helpful products that can help you should contain zinc, vitamin E and fish oil. Harmful products are rich in fats, sugar, sodium.