There are psychological and physiological causes of erectile dysfunction. If it’s physiological, erectile dysfunction may be a sign of many dangerous diseases including diabetes. If the reason is psychological, it means that a person cannot stop thinking of some problems and has troubles, which are so deep that he just can’t start thinking of sex.

Sometimes erectile dysfunction can be characterized as psychological, if erection is possible under some circumstances, for example, in one’s sleep, or otherwise, if it’s not possible on some occasions only.

Fortunately it is not difficult to solve this erection problem, you just have to do something. You are not required to undergo surgery or use some other extreme measures. Sometimes you just need to catch on sleep, as lack of sleep is often a cause of erectile dysfunction. It is a common mistake among men to think that they should always be the best in sex. But it is not possible. In some cases one’s body just can’t carry on in its usual way and one has to sleep and relax.