Good and healthy diet always plays a significant part for both man and woman in the process of lovemaking. This information provided by science is actually just a rediscovery of a tradition that is traced back to history. Even during the ancient civilization, men already discovered and started using aphrodisiacs for arousal and in order heighten their sexual activity or just as an erection help. Among these sexually stimulating food and beverage are coffee and meat. While there is weak evidence established regarding their connection with the penis enlargement, coffee and meat have been known to produce strong stimulating effects for couples in sex.

Both the coffee and the meat have components that irritate the mucous membrane of the digestive system. The mucous membrane of the digestive tract is similar to that of the genital organ. If coffee and meat then irritate the digestive tract, they likewise cause the same effect to the genital organs of people. This chemical process inside the body is what leads to the increase of sexual excitement. No wonder why there are couples who pay attention to the details of food intake before sex since they seek to achieve a good sex through aphrodisiacs. After all, there is no good sex without a strong sexual excitement between the couple during the entire lovemaking.

Although, it has been stated that coffee and meat are effective sexual stimulants, one must learn to control the use of these. High diet in caffeine and protein may lead to several health disorders and diseases. Moreover, in sex, too much intake of these may result to over stimulation of the genital organs and uncontrolled excitement thus leading to early orgasm in the sexual activity. In this case, the couple will have already reached orgasm even before they start to enjoy their love making session. Moderate use of these aphrodisiacs must be observed then. As they say, too much of the same thing is unhealthy.

In addition to the above, you cannot eat some meat or drink coffee each time you need an erection help. You can find natural alternatives to these sexual stimulants in the Erection Help review.