Today, I got a chance to talk to Simon, about over coming one of mans worst fears: ‘Erectile Dysfunction‘ (ED).

DOC: Hi Simon, Would you like to introduce yourself?

SE: Certainly. I’m Simon Ellison I’m 35 years old and have been impotent for the last 6 years.

DOC: How did your condition make you feel?

SE: ED made me feel very weak. I had no confidence- this feeling quickly spread to other parts of my life- my marriage and work began to suffer. Everyone began to notice the change in me.

DOC: Weren’t you scared?

SE: Scared! Terrified more like! I couldn’t understand why. Why me? I felt very angry and worried at the same time. So confused…it felt like a part of me had died…

DOC: Worried…

SE: I was worried about my wife……wondering when she would notice… waiting for her to say something about the situation…wondering whether she’d go elsewhere

DOC: What was the worst thing for you about the situation?

SE: I am a person who is highly energetic- I love to be involved in everything and anything is a challenge-I don’t give up till I succeed. Can you imagine what it was like finding out I was impotent? Finding that a part of me didn’t work-yes I cannot get an erection-was so hard-and it happened when I was fairly young-that made the situation worst-it affected everything- my job, my outlook-I became highly depressed-I felt I had no one to talk to. I became increasingly frustrated, both sexually and mentally. I knew I needed to take action-but it was so hard…..but it got a lot easier as time went on…

DOC: What was the first step you took?

SE: The first and probably the hardest step I took was admitting the problem to myself- after I had admitted this I could then go on to help myself.

We will continue this interview soon.